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Whole Food Vitamin D3 Gummies for Adults

Whole Food Vitamin D3 Gummies for Adults

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Chewable Sundrops

When the sun goes away, or you’re stuck inside, you’re missing out on more than the sun’s warmth -- you’re also missing your best source of vitamin D. You need that sunshine vitamin to help keep your bones and teeth strong and your immune system in good shape year round.*

If you could eat a drop of sunshine, what would it taste like? Maybe like ripe strawberries. Our Whole Food Vitamin D3 Gummies deliver your daily dose of the sunshine vitamin in a plant-based gummy with a delightful strawberry flavor that tastes like summer.

Unlike most vitamin D3 supplements, our Whole Food Vitamin D3 Gummies are vegan-friendly, with no gelatin or animal byproducts of any kind. Our vitamin D3 is sourced from wild-harvested lichen for a clean, whole food source of the sunshine vitamin.

Our plant-based gummies are non-GMO with no artificial sweeteners or flavors. Because the best nutrition comes from nature, not from a lab.

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