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NATURELO Premium Supplements

Plant-Based Turmeric Supplements

Plant-Based Turmeric Supplements

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Everyday Ease ~ From Nature with Love

Stiff joints are more than uncomfortable: they inhibit your movement and make everyday activities more difficult. Get back more ease and freedom in your life, with a little help from nature.

Turmeric is nature’s solution for everyday joint mobility. One of the most well-studied herbs in natural health, turmeric has been shown to support a healthy inflammation response for easier, more comfortable movement.* 

At NATURELO, we believe in the power of plants to help bring the body back into balance. Our Turmeric supplement is made with whole turmeric root powder, plus a concentrated turmeric extract for an extra boost of curcumin, the most active plant compound. 

We added ginger and black pepper extract as natural bioenhancers to boost bioavailability,* and included bromelain (an enzyme from pineapple) and MSM (a sulfur compound) to help support healthy joint tissue and get you moving again.*

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