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One Daily Multivitamin for Men 50+

One Daily Multivitamin for Men 50+

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  • ALL-IN-ONE: Packed with 22 essential vitamins and minerals to support men's health, plus organic fruits and vegetables for whole food nutrition and antioxidant support, all in just one daily multivitamin for men 50+.
  • PLANT-BASED: Featuring premium plant-based vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D3 from lichen, Vitamin E from sunflower, Calcium and Magnesium from marine algae, and Iodine from kelp.
  • BIOACTIVE: Includes activated B vitamins like B12 from methylcobalamin, B6 from P-5-P, and MTHFR-friendly Methyl Folate (not folic acid), plus chelated minerals like Zinc and Selenium, for better absorption and bioavailability.
  • HEALTHY AGING: Boost your natural energy and vitality and support your heart, brain, eye, and immune system health with vitamins, minerals and organic whole foods to help keep your body functioning at its best.
  • CLEAN LABEL: No preservatives, gelatin, coloring or flavoring. Proudly made to GMP standards in the U.S. Vegan, Non-GMO, and Soy and Gluten Free. Third party tested for purity and potency.

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