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Calcium Supplements for Bone Strength

Calcium Supplements for Bone Strength

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How big are the capsules?

We use Size 00 capsules, which are 0.91 inches long by 0.33 inches wide (23 x 8 millimeters). Most people find that they go down easily with a big gulp of water. However, if you have trouble swallowing, you can easily open the capsule and sprinkle the powder onto your food or drink. Mixing the powder with a thick liquid such as yogurt, applesauce, or a smoothie works best.

How long is the shelf-life of this supplement?

We never ship products with less than 12 months before the expiration date, so your supplements will last a full year at a minimum. The exact expiration date will vary from bottle to bottle, depending on the batch.

Is this supplement safe for long-term use?

When used as instructed and under the guidance of a healthcare provider, this supplement is safe for both short-term and long-term use.

What's the best time to take this supplement?

We recommend taking this supplement in two daily doses: 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast, and 2 capsules in the evening with dinner. Taking the supplement with food aids its absorption, while dividing your daily dose into two parts give your body the time to absorb more of the nutrients.

What source of calcium does this supplement include?

We use Aquamin, a whole food-based calcium from algae, which naturally includes magnesium and other supporting minerals and trace minerals for bone health. Algae calcium is considered easier to absorb and more bioactive than traditional calcium supplements derived from limestone. Aquamin is sustainably harvested from the pristine North Atlantic ocean off the coast of Iceland.

What form of Vitamin K2 does this supplement contain?

Our Bone Strength supplement includes vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7), which studies have shown is the most bioactive and effective form of vitamin K for heart and bone health.

What form of Vitamin D does this supplement include?

We use a plant-based, sustainable form of vitamin D3 derived from lichen, which is wild-harvested from the forests in the Pacific Northwest. Vitamin D3 is the most bioactive form of vitamin D – but most D3 supplements are not vegan. On the other hand, most vegan vitamin D supplements use the less effective vitamin D2 form. We're pleased to offer the best of both worlds: a highly absorbable and plant-based vitamin D3.

Has this supplement been lab-tested for mercury or other contaminants?

Yes, all of our supplements are tested by independent, third-party labs to make sure they are clean and safe before they go to market.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee in case this supplement doesn’t work for me?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our supplements. If you are not fully satisfied with this product for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

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